2005: Storyboard Trial 1

In the review I was told to change the personality of the customer to make her contrast more with the toothpaste girl.

I tried making the character more pushy, then a vampire (for the teeth), before settling on her being the face of the brand and therefore reluctant to take the samples as she has enough of them already.

I need to pace this a bit more and show more inbetweens, but for a first pass I think it’s worked out well.


summer work: rabbit

I made one of the cartoon animals in Maya and I also decided to rig it. I picked the bunny as it looked the simplest.

All done in about 2 hours.

Step by step- I curled the ears with a lattice. I also ended up using HumanIK to rig as making my own rig ended up being too annoying.


1004: House designs continued

For the chicken and fox houses I finished up the exterior work I needed to do.

I trialled a few different chicken designs based on my favourite-


I then checked the silhouettes to see which one worked best-


I decided that I still liked number one so I didn’t change anything except for making the design a bit neater.

I then drew the placement of the fox and chicken house in the forest/estate. I put the fox closer into the forest so the house would look in worse shape and the stilts would make sense-


I’m going to do more angles, such as wide, from the front and eye level from the fox house.

Here is a reference page for the tire swing-

tire swing.png

1003: Creature modelling update

I managed to model the body and start on the facial features. I applied a temporary skin as I find it easier to see than the grey.

I also started working on the teeth but I don’t have a screencap for that yet.

I found the model easier to make than I thought so I might go back to the design and work into it more.

VFX: Layers

In VFX we were looking at layers and channels and how they can be useful.

Here is the original image-


Through Shuffle I separated the layers. Below is what they look like individually-

It was really useful to learn about this as it gave me a better understanding of what Nuke does with each editing technique.