Eseld- Finished film

Here is the finished version of my film “Eseld”

I’m really happy with it.

I put a lot of time and work into the piece and I think it shows. I tried a lot of new things with this film- run cycles, animating quadrupeds, multiple characters, a piece longer that 40 seconds etc… There’s a lot of trial and error in this film but it represents me well.

The film has a few rough bits of animation, but I don’t feel as if I’ve taken the easy route or handed in an unfinished piece of work. Every scene was a challenge from the first draft, and some have been overcome much easier than others.

I’d like to again thank my voice actors and composer. Working with other people helped me feel more involved in the world of my project, as well as having really skilled people bring their abilities to the film.

I included a lot of things I’m a personal fan of in this film- dogs, snow, forests, adventures, suspense, and it was fun to create a personal film without having to tell an autobiographical story.

My personal highlights were painting the backgrounds and seeing my improvement, recording my puppy for reference and working with actors and composers for the first time.




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