2003: First animation trial (9 seconds)

I attempted some animation as seen below-

I’ve had a lot of issues with the rig and graph editor so I’m really only happy with about 4 seconds of it, but I think with careful editing, completing the other scenes and redoing a few scenes it might look better

I do like the lighting, models (when not moving), blend shapes and scenery


2005: More Lipsync

I did more animation in today’s lesson-

I have more to do at the end than I thought but hopefully on Wednesday and Thursday I can finish it.

2003: Set Building and lighting setup

I built my set and trialled a few lighting set ups before eventually deciding on this version which is four ambient lights.

It has a coldĀ  night like feel to it so I’m pretty happy with it.

For the stage I built the floor and walls, lots of plant pots, book shelves, doors, windows, and a trophy.

I want to add a few family photos and maybe skirting boards next time I go back to it.

2003: Character Construction

I modelled and rigged my two characters. When designing the model reference I drew the edge flow for the faces as I found them really hard last project-

This was hard to draw but when modelling saved me a huge amount of time

I then created a full reference for both and scaled them to be the right size


I then started constructing and rigging-

Finished renders of both-


Maya crashed at this point so I’ll add more images when I’m emotionally ready

both characters are rigged so I just need to weight paint and set build and I’ll be ready to start animating