Character design development

To help me develop the style for my character I picked artists I was particularly inspired by. I looked at their brush styles, colouring and how they drew features.

I studied Emily Carroll, nakedcherry John Watkiss, Zombillenium, and phobso

I collected the most relevant pieces in their style-

(John Watkiss’s work available via above link)

And then studied features, colouring style etc-

From that I studied possible eye designs-

I then chose what I thought was my favourite and started working on noses-

I realised that I was struggling to draw the eyes consistently so I instead went for a much simpler style (lower half of next image)-

features_final eyes

From that I worked on head designs before choosing a hair style and beginning to develop the body shape and proportions-

My next step will be to decide on an outfit and make a complete design sheet for her.


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