Eseld animation update

More work in progress-

I ended up muting the music as it wasn’t quite working, I’ll add it back once I figure when I want it playing and if I need anything adding to it. I’m really close to finishing the sketch layer. I just need to remember to draw the dog in every scene and start a few bits I’ve been avoiding



Eseld- animation update

over the past two days I’ve created a bit more animation. I think I’m progressing well, and it’s fun to see how I’ve improved over the past 3 years



There’s lots that I like at this point and I’m feeling very positive about the project.

Eseld weekly update 2

More sketch animation-

I’m working on fixing my layer organisation, hence the multiple run cycles. The run was also referenced from HERE , I put it in a gif splitter and used each frame as reference. It was much easier than the 16 frame Richard Williams run I started out with.


A few changes- the door is thinner in the doorway scene, I realised the scene was failing because it was way too wide. I also changed the pose as the anatomy worked in individual images but not when the character was moving.

I feel like I should get more backgrounds done now.

Eseld- first week sketch animation

I had a pretty slow week but started trying to put in the sketch layer-

Some of it is way too animated which slowed me down. I should’ve worked on 12’s all the way through instead of trying to complete every scene.

I’m also working on backgrounds at the same time. I think some of them are going to be a lot simpler than what I planned in my animatic