1004: Finished Storyboard

Here is my final storyboard. I really like it. I think with each pass I’ve improved a lot and I used feedback well and have created a good piece.


12/30 seconds of Icarus

More Icarus-

Next up is reaching the mid point and rigging and importing my Amph model, then I think I’ll be finished by next friday.

1003: 2/30 seconds of Icarus

I managed to find a lighting style I liked and after a few failed attempts get a rendering style that suited the visual style of the storyboard. In the end I needed a fill light and to change the gamma levels on the renderer to 2.2.

Gif version-


In the end of this scene they kick to the left, so the next part to animate will be the character spinning round to be face up.

1003: 3D animatic

I finally managed to get the rig to work for Icarus but I haven’t weightpainted it or included one of the eyes so I’m going to remake next lesson.

Here is the first animatic where i hadn’t combined the pictures-

Here is the second version made on YouTube slideshow. It wouldn’t let me remove the wipe effect, hence the thumbnail :[

I do like this as it lets me see the scale of the characters. I haven’t rigged the Amph model as I had had enough of humanik.

1003: Animation

Animation from two photos-

Taken from two pictures of myself. It was good practice in editing tangents and learning about spline/linear/stepped animation, along with how secondary animation can improve a piece.

Amphitrite smile blend shapes-


Hand blend shape-

As it’s a main bit of the animation I decided to make the hand movement a blend shape-

1003: Maya construction so far

Here is my modelling work so far. I need to rig and humanik both models but I feel like so far everything is going well. I used UV texture and found it much easier than the previous project.

For the face texture i kept the UV simple as it looks much better with shadows.

I really like the bump map for this one I think it makes a simple face look really good. I really like this model. The rig in the screenshots broke so i need to remake it but this is how it will look. The eye texture is a royalty free dragon scale picture. I couldn’t really design a photoshop texture that worked so i went with an image instead.


With both models there’s slight differences compared to the turnaround but I made these changes to make it easier to model and as overall improvements.