2005: Lip Sync test

After finishing my animation quicker than expected I decided to do another lip sync test based around my recording outtakes-

I really like this and it was fun to lip sync a laugh


2005: Completed Customer Animation

I finally completed by Brush/Customer animation. Here it is on both vimeo and youtube-


I finally finished term ones project 🙂 From the previous versions I finished all the sequenced, improved the soundtrack, added more details to the final few seconds, added credits and overall neatened certain sections.

I liked this project and it was fun to learn how to lip sync. I also challenged myself on a few shots (the walk cycles, toothbrush jump ect) which while fun to do did end up eating into a lot of my time.

I think i should’ve made the art style a little sketchier or worked harder to be neater as I ended up with a lot of layers due to inconsistencies with my drawings.

I really enjoyed the character design and building the sound- I ended up using a lot of Freesound sounds for backgrounds but for the next project my goal is to use my own sounds.

It was difficult to work on a good ending but I had lots of good feedback and I personally think the story is easy to understand and works well.

Additional Sound Credits-

Squeak- https://freesound.org/people/ermfilm/sounds/130013/

Background- https://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/365918/

Twinkling- Youtube link

Pop (I shifted the pitch slightly) – Found here

Voice acting by Vicki Kocan and Lilith Blackaller-kidd

I also acted out the gasps, oh no section ect, as well as the other sounds that aren’t credited above

2005: Line test

I did a few line tests for the parts of the animation I was unsure about, along with a  walk cycle to establish personality-


I managed to time the three things I was mostly worried about being able to properly animate. I also did a walk cycle for the brush girl, referencing “strut” from Richard William’s survival guide. I needed to work out how the costume moved

2005: Environment design

I went to Highcross and photographed the pop up shops there so I could get a good idea of what mine should look like.

I then drew a few versions-

I also roughed out a few versions on Photoshop.

After the animatic I made the stall in maya so I could have consistent angles-

I then drew over one of the scenes to show the props-


It looks a little simple but the full shot will rarely be shown.

I also then drew some of the props that will get focus-


As I animate more I’ll probably need to draw more parts in detail.

2005: American Psycho Lip Sync

During our lip sync lesson we were given a selection of clips to try to sync animation to. I chose the business card scene from American Psycho as it was the clearest audio. I used a lot of online phoneme resources and found the sketch bar and audio section n TV paint very useful-

I found lip syncing way more fun than I thought I would so I’m no longer dreading that part of the animation

2005: Second Animatic

I had a lot of things I wanted to change for the cleaned up animatic. After a teacher review I knew I needed more inventive shots, a better ending and more timing for the characters to speak

Here is the second piece-

I really like this now and I’m looking forward to creating the final piece.