2005: Start of animation

I added more sound and started my rough layer of animation-



2003: Lighting set up and plant designs

I struggle with lighting in MAYA so I made a lighting map and a colour grade to help me-


I also studied the shadows so I could get the right weight for my own animation

I then overlayed the colour if the lights onto my floor and wall colours-

It was good to see what colour the animation would end up really looking like.

I also drew lots of plants so I could add some decorations to the hallway to make it seem more lived in-

2005: Line test

I did a few line tests for the parts of the animation I was unsure about, along with a  walk cycle to establish personality-


I managed to time the three things I was mostly worried about being able to properly animate. I also did a walk cycle for the brush girl, referencing “strut” from Richard William’s survival guide. I needed to work out how the costume moved

2003: Animatic with sound

I created a quick animatic based on my storyboards and the feedback I received. I gathered the sound myself, apart from the ticking clock which is from here. I used pre-found sounds for that as I couldn’t clean my own versions to a good enough quality. The other sounds I made from various items in my flat.

I think before the final hand in I should rerecord some of the audio.

Here is the animatic-

2003: Environment Design

For the hallway design I took photos of various halls for perspective, scale and design

I knew I wanted one with at least three lengths so I ended up with a horse shoe shape that I drew a few angles of-

The hall is horse shoe shaped with stairs at one end and a window where the older sister comes in at the other.

I also drew the door handle-


I then did a quick mock up with my characters-


2005: Environment design

I went to Highcross and photographed the pop up shops there so I could get a good idea of what mine should look like.

I then drew a few versions-

I also roughed out a few versions on Photoshop.

After the animatic I made the stall in maya so I could have consistent angles-

I then drew over one of the scenes to show the props-


It looks a little simple but the full shot will rarely be shown.

I also then drew some of the props that will get focus-


As I animate more I’ll probably need to draw more parts in detail.

2003: Cleaned Storyboard

I cleaned up my storyboard for the interaction project. I changed a few of the shots and improved the design of both characters. I now need to time this out but I like it so far.


I also collected some references of different hallways for when I was designing the setting but I’ll make a separate post for those.

2003: Expressions and Improved designs

When reviewing my designs I was unhappy with the drawing of the younger sister. It was too bright to fit in the colour palette and had distorted when I scaled it. I decided to redraw based on my second choice clothes design-


I added the bat to suggest it was Halloween to explain what party the older sister had been to. Together they look much better-

I’m going to redraw the elder sister on an empty canvas so they scale up to each other. The colours now match a little better.

I then drew some expressions for each character as I was having trouble with my neat storyboard-

A lot of expression is in the eyes and eyebrows so I’ll need to emphasise that with my blend shapes.