2003: Character Designs

With the 3D characters I already had a basic idea of what I wanted- two sisters with a large age gap, one in PJs and the other in party clothes. I also knew I wanted them to have ponytails that showed their age order like the quadruplets in tangled.

I wasn’t sure what clothes to put them in so I went to Highcross and took reference photos-

From there I designed the younger sister’s pyjamas-

And then the older sister’s party outfit-

Before picking an outfit I drew the faces I’d started to design in the storyboards in 12 different styles-

Eventually from all this I decided on two character designs-

I haven’t created a turnaround yet but these are the designs I’m going to take forward into the next stage.

I now need to set design and work on lighting, as well as redraw my storyboard with these designs.


2005: First Rough Animatic

After story boarding and planning a lot, I decided to create my first animatic-

There’s a few issues in it that I can see already but I thought it was best to check timing now with my first pass rather than way later.

There’s no sound yet but that’s my next task 🙂

When trying my audio the first thing I noticed was the main conversation section cut too quickly at 5-11 seconds, and then spent too long on the customer. When I edit this in class I’m going to lengthen the cuts in this section and shorten the running scene that’s straight after.

My voice also sounds terrible recorded so I’m going to have to ask drama students to record for me.


2003: Second storyboard

After a review on Tuesday I decided to redo my storyboards. My main issue was camera angles and tying the end together, so that’s where the most changes are.

This version is pretty rough as I haven’t quite completed the character designs yet. When I do I’ll redraw the frames to add colour and lighting.

2005: Storyboard Trial 1

In the review I was told to change the personality of the customer to make her contrast more with the toothpaste girl.

I tried making the character more pushy, then a vampire (for the teeth), before settling on her being the face of the brand and therefore reluctant to take the samples as she has enough of them already.

I need to pace this a bit more and show more inbetweens, but for a first pass I think it’s worked out well.

2005: 2D Animation Characters and idea

The prompt for term ones 2D task was to animate a 30 second interaction between a pushy salesperson and a reluctant customer. It needs to include 10 seconds of lip syncing.

Here are my 9 initial salesperson designs-

I wanted a big variety of situations so I wouldn’t limit my ideas.

Here are my customers-

These weren’t as important as the salespeople but it was fun to try different face shapes and expressions.

I then drew my favourite sales people designs on Photoshop-

I enjoyed drawing the toothpaste girl the most. The body shape is unique and the design of the costume means I can focus on the mouth a lot for the lip syncing scenes. The fact she’s in a costume means I can also give her some really unique animations.

I then drew my customer-


I picked this one as her design is mostly round compared to the height and straight lines of the toothpaste girl, so I thought aesthetically they would look good together. Her design was also one of the easiest to imagine speaking and give different body language to.

2003: First ideas and storyboard

For 3D we were set the challenge to animate 15-25 seconds of two characters interacting.

I first looked at different types of interactions such as dance-

From here

And fight scenes-

From Crouching Tiger and House of the Flying Daggers

I realised that the fight scenes had a lot of movement in a small amount of time which would be hard to animate in the amount of time we have.

I did some brainstorming and drew my first few initial ideas.

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summer work: rabbit

I made one of the cartoon animals in Maya and I also decided to rig it. I picked the bunny as it looked the simplest.

All done in about 2 hours.

Step by step- I curled the ears with a lattice. I also ended up using HumanIK to rig as making my own rig ended up being too annoying.


1003: Character Turnarounds

I finally got the turnarounds to work for both characters-



I had a few rendering issues- for Icarus I had to make a new file and with Amphitrite I had to playblast from the turnaround camera as a PNG series and then convert to AVI with premiere pro (that’s why the lights are there). I think turnaround is my least favourite Maya feature.

I like both designs and the turnarounds were made so I could use them for a first year portfolio.