Poem: Finished

I finally finished the poem project. Here is the finished animation-

Youtube version- (watch on 720p)

Vimeo- (crisper quality)

I really enjoyed this project and I feel like I’ve learnt and improved a lot.

It was fun giving voice acting directions and spending more time on sound editing. I ended up with lots of layers for the soundtrack, particularly in the flame scene. I also got permission to use this song-

-as the background music.

I edited it to follow the emotions of the animation and I think it works really well. I chose House of The Rising sun because a cover by The Animals came out the year before the poem was published and would of been very popular in America at the time. I was also really impressed by the piano cover, and there is no copyright on the song.

By using a sketchier pencil style I was able to experiment more and spend less time worrying about the consistency of the lines, like I did with the brush project last year. The grain style also worked well when blending shading and mixing colours.

I like comparing the flats to the final rendered style-

I was told to push the rendering style more and in doing this I spent more time focusing on consistency between frames and where the shadows and light were.

I also enjoyed the historical research involved in the hair, make up, costumes, staging and even the materials the house would be built from and the garden. To add a little for realness I based some of the kitchen on a fifties kitchen as it’s unlikely the average 1960’s house would’ve completely remodelled at the start of the decade.

Overall I’m impressed with my development on this project and I believe it is a good response to the prompt. Although I would maybe change a few things if I were to do it again, I feel personally more confident in this piece than i have in previous projects.

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Tuesday Presentation: Work so far


More colour on the poem piece-

I have about 12 seconds mostly done in colour so I’m probably on schedule

I need to fully colour and edit a few lines

The painting-

Levels change, more front sounds and different crowd levels. I also made more of a “point of view” character for the audience to follow

I’ll probably add a few more sounds and alter the levels for it to be fully finished.

Poem- Colour!! (and sound)

I completed all the animation, cleaned it and started adding colour

I decided to colour the backgrounds first, including the shadows and light. I also changed the rain from black pencil to different opacity levels in colour. I also made it fall straight and added a shade over the back door to explain why there was no rain over the character.

It’s progressing really well. I think I will start on the main flame sequence now as it’s going to take the longest, but overall I think I’m on schedule.


There are a few minor edits to my sound piece that I’ll add in on Monday

Poem: Colour Script

i finally finished the colour script! Based on feedback I desaturated the background colours a lot from how they were on the animatic

I don’t think I’m going to redo the animatic so I will use this as a colour reference for the piece. In the early storyboards there was a lot of peach used but I managed to reduce this for the colour script.

I only coloured base colours and a few shadows so the smoke effects aren’t included in the lantern segment.

2005 Presentation

Work so far. (quick summary of each blog post and the work done in between)


I started this project with several pages of prep work  that led to the focus of the sixties suburbia look. I also was inspired heavily by Te Fiti from Moana, so I started looking into different ways to focus on how to stylise fire.

After this I worked on a script and had the basic idea to set the piece in a kitchen and have the character be performing a monologue to herself. I wanted to narrow down the look of the piece from the 15 or so artists I’d referenced so I focused on Michael Carson. I then designed the character and made a few quick scene sketches.

The next task I set myself was to narrow the script down even more and create a very basic storyboard. This was to help me establish the beats of the piece and assist in directing the voice actress.

While I waited for the voice recordings to arrive I focused on environment design.

The house is the biggest clue for the time place so I looked at a lot of references. In a review the colours were decided to be slightly too saturated but overall it is an effective design. To continue the themes of being trapped I designed the house to look like a bird cage, with the striped wallpaper and backdoor being the most obvious clues.

I then created a body design and outfits

With the character finished I slightly improved the storyboards, created an animatic and then improved the storyboards even more.

Based on reviews and improving the audio even more I then redrew a lot of the frames, altered the colours and removed a couple of scenes to make an even better animatic

This is the point I’m at now. I need to finish the colour script and create a few line tests- particularly a walk cycle and fire animations.