Tuesday Presentation: Work so far


More colour on the poem piece-

I have about 12 seconds mostly done in colour so I’m probably on schedule

I need to fully colour and edit a few lines

The painting-

Levels change, more front sounds and different crowd levels. I also made more of a “point of view” character for the audience to follow

I’ll probably add a few more sounds and alter the levels for it to be fully finished.

Poem- Colour!! (and sound)

I completed all the animation, cleaned it and started adding colour

I decided to colour the backgrounds first, including the shadows and light. I also changed the rain from black pencil to different opacity levels in colour. I also made it fall straight and added a shade over the back door to explain why there was no rain over the character.

It’s progressing really well. I think I will start on the main flame sequence now as it’s going to take the longest, but overall I think I’m on schedule.


There are a few minor edits to my sound piece that I’ll add in on Monday