2003: Environment Design

For the hallway design I took photos of various halls for perspective, scale and design

I knew I wanted one with at least three lengths so I ended up with a horse shoe shape that I drew a few angles of-

The hall is horse shoe shaped with stairs at one end and a window where the older sister comes in at the other.

I also drew the door handle-


I then did a quick mock up with my characters-


2005: Environment design

I went to Highcross and photographed the pop up shops there so I could get a good idea of what mine should look like.

I then drew a few versions-

I also roughed out a few versions on Photoshop.

After the animatic I made the stall in maya so I could have consistent angles-

I then drew over one of the scenes to show the props-


It looks a little simple but the full shot will rarely be shown.

I also then drew some of the props that will get focus-


As I animate more I’ll probably need to draw more parts in detail.

2003: Cleaned Storyboard

I cleaned up my storyboard for the interaction project. I changed a few of the shots and improved the design of both characters. I now need to time this out but I like it so far.


I also collected some references of different hallways for when I was designing the setting but I’ll make a separate post for those.

2003: Expressions and Improved designs

When reviewing my designs I was unhappy with the drawing of the younger sister. It was too bright to fit in the colour palette and had distorted when I scaled it. I decided to redraw based on my second choice clothes design-


I added the bat to suggest it was Halloween to explain what party the older sister had been to. Together they look much better-

I’m going to redraw the elder sister on an empty canvas so they scale up to each other. The colours now match a little better.

I then drew some expressions for each character as I was having trouble with my neat storyboard-

A lot of expression is in the eyes and eyebrows so I’ll need to emphasise that with my blend shapes.

2005: American Psycho Lip Sync

During our lip sync lesson we were given a selection of clips to try to sync animation to. I chose the business card scene from American Psycho as it was the clearest audio. I used a lot of online phoneme resources and found the sketch bar and audio section n TV paint very useful-

I found lip syncing way more fun than I thought I would so I’m no longer dreading that part of the animation

2005: Second Animatic

I had a lot of things I wanted to change for the cleaned up animatic. After a teacher review I knew I needed more inventive shots, a better ending and more timing for the characters to speak

Here is the second piece-

I really like this now and I’m looking forward to creating the final piece.

2003: Character Designs

With the 3D characters I already had a basic idea of what I wanted- two sisters with a large age gap, one in PJs and the other in party clothes. I also knew I wanted them to have ponytails that showed their age order like the quadruplets in tangled.

I wasn’t sure what clothes to put them in so I went to Highcross and took reference photos-

From there I designed the younger sister’s pyjamas-

And then the older sister’s party outfit-

Before picking an outfit I drew the faces I’d started to design in the storyboards in 12 different styles-

Eventually from all this I decided on two character designs-

I haven’t created a turnaround yet but these are the designs I’m going to take forward into the next stage.

I now need to set design and work on lighting, as well as redraw my storyboard with these designs.

2005: First Rough Animatic

After story boarding and planning a lot, I decided to create my first animatic-

There’s a few issues in it that I can see already but I thought it was best to check timing now with my first pass rather than way later.

There’s no sound yet but that’s my next task 🙂

When trying my audio the first thing I noticed was the main conversation section cut too quickly at 5-11 seconds, and then spent too long on the customer. When I edit this in class I’m going to lengthen the cuts in this section and shorten the running scene that’s straight after.

My voice also sounds terrible recorded so I’m going to have to ask drama students to record for me.


2003: Second storyboard

After a review on Tuesday I decided to redo my storyboards. My main issue was camera angles and tying the end together, so that’s where the most changes are.

This version is pretty rough as I haven’t quite completed the character designs yet. When I do I’ll redraw the frames to add colour and lighting.