Poem: Very very basic storyboards

I’ve had a few images in my head every time I read through my script for the poem so I decided to finally draw them out-


At the moment these are incredibly rough and I made them mostly so I don’t forget my ideas. I need to study cinematography and work on my set designs much more before committing to anything.

I do like a lot of the scenes so far so I think it was a good start. The extract from Fever 103 I used was-

Darling, all night

I have been flickering, off, on, off, on.


Three days. Three nights.

Lemon water, chicken

Water, water make me retch.


I am too pure for you or anyone.

Your body

Hurts me as the world hurts God. I am a lantern——


Does not my heat astound you! And my light!


I think I am going up,

I think I may rise——

The beads of hot metal fly, and I love, I

Am a pure acetylene


Poem- Character Development

In the past week I worked on character development and collecting references.

I have about 15 pages of artists I want to reference in terms of style and colour usage, as well as pictures from the time period so I can make the piece as reflective of the sixties as possible.

When researching artists I particularly like Michael Carson’s style-


I painted a version of his work to get an understanding of his brush style-


I then researched more artists and sixties aesthetic.

From this development I started designing characters-


I started with the heads as it’s a lip sync project so that’s going to be the main focus.

From these faces I picked one I liked and really tried to push the proportions and style. I wanted my character to look her age and also have a unique aesthetic that could influence the entire design.


I ended up with 6 versions and then drew different poses of the final 2 before settling on the design with the longest face.

I worked on a few expressions-


And then a few plot relevant ideas, facial features and a couple of scene blocking ideas-


I liked the water distortion so I’m going to explore that more.

I also started looking at outfits but before I decide on that I want to decided the shape and proportions of the characters whole body-


Poem- First ideas

For the poem task I decided to choose Sylvia Plath’s “Fever 103“.

I really liked the fire theme and the imagery the poem has.

I created a few ideas and did some research-


I looked at Thomas Blackshear, Norman Parkinon, Nikolai Ivanovich Svishtov Paulo, Edwin Bower Hesser, Moana, Isadora Duncan(movement), Fantasia, mythology style animation, Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd), Suburbia/Stepford wives, Cuban missile crisis/ cold war, ending of mother! Norman Rockwell, Fallout, Dali,

I really started edging towards 60s Suburbia by the end and I think that’s what I’m going to focus on. I think the aesthetics and stress of the time fit well with what Sylvia Plath was discussing and feeling.

I also loved “Divina Commedia”-

And “Lux-Binding the Light” by Glen Keane.

Both these pieces have tonal and artistic styles I want to try to emulate. I particularly like the repetition of Divina.

I also did some more specialised research-


I don’t have much of a character or plot outline but I at least have a basic idea and design look.

2003: Interaction Project

Below is my final 3D animation-



There are some parts that I really like- the head turns, shot types, how I used the lights and synced the sound.

There are a few bad parts (the timing of the longest walk cycle) that are bothering me but I’m not sure if I’m over-focusing on it so I ended up not changing it after the second attempt.

I think the story works better than in the animatic and the sound has been improved as well. The relationship between the characters is clear and I think the lighting came out really well, especially as I made it in PremierePro and the gamma levels had to be 2.2 in Maya for it to render correctly.

I found the rigs really hard and had an annoying keying error with it. If I create anything in Maya again I’m going to build my own rig and not touch HumanIk.

I think the only thing I’d change would be to add a shot somewhere before the slap to pad it a little. I don’t think there’s enough of an emotional reaction but this weakness is from me forgetting to create a blend shape.

Overall it’s not as emotive or fluid as my 2D tests but I did try really hard and it’s a stronger piece than my Icarus animation which was the target I set myself. I managed to model, rig and animate 2 characters in the time scale, as well as deal with Maya breaking and having to set build and light in a completely different way to last year.
The characters are also slightly nicer to look at then my creations last year, and I really like my UV mapping.

2005: Completed Customer Animation

I finally completed by Brush/Customer animation. Here it is on both vimeo and youtube-


I finally finished term ones project 🙂 From the previous versions I finished all the sequenced, improved the soundtrack, added more details to the final few seconds, added credits and overall neatened certain sections.

I liked this project and it was fun to learn how to lip sync. I also challenged myself on a few shots (the walk cycles, toothbrush jump ect) which while fun to do did end up eating into a lot of my time.

I think i should’ve made the art style a little sketchier or worked harder to be neater as I ended up with a lot of layers due to inconsistencies with my drawings.

I really enjoyed the character design and building the sound- I ended up using a lot of Freesound sounds for backgrounds but for the next project my goal is to use my own sounds.

It was difficult to work on a good ending but I had lots of good feedback and I personally think the story is easy to understand and works well.

Additional Sound Credits-

Squeak- https://freesound.org/people/ermfilm/sounds/130013/

Background- https://freesound.org/people/InspectorJ/sounds/365918/

Twinkling- Youtube link

Pop (I shifted the pitch slightly) – Found here

Voice acting by Vicki Kocan and Lilith Blackaller-kidd

I also acted out the gasps, oh no section ect, as well as the other sounds that aren’t credited above