1003: Frankenstein renders and turnaround


I rendered out my Frankenstein model with three different lighting styles- a spotlight only, an ambient light and spotlight and a directional light only.


Above shot. I really like how the skin texture looks from this angle
From the back with a spotlight only. From this angle I think that maybe I should of worked into the head more but I don’t know how that would fit with the rest of the design.


Close up on the cluster. I really like how these turned out
In this lighting the shadows under the eyes really stand out and make it look more scary. I also like how it shades the lower stomach and legs.
View from the back. I made the rocks glow
face with a brighter light. The eye shape and texture can be seen well here. Also how I made the texture distort to look like cracks (right eye)
Face and arms in brighter light. More texture distortion
Body in a brighter light to show shape. i prefer the darker versions as they fit with the character more
Darker version,. it has a good amount of highlights and shows the glow of the rock parts well.
Teeth close-up


More teeth. I was considering dding a nose but from this angle it looks really creepy and more skull like so I decided against
In the other lighting the teeth are very reflective and it makes them look like they’re made of glass.


It turned out a bit darker than the preview suggested but I think it fits the style of Frankenstein. Overall I really like the design and model. I need to do a post of all my sketchbook designs and I also think I’ll pose the model like the orignal sketch.

1003: Frankenstein construction

After modelling the basic body I moved on to details like the face and rock sections.

jaw structure. I also extruded the edges more to cover the neck from above angles
The teeth were cones that i shrunk down. I angles them to point out to give the creature a more decayed look


teeth from both angles
for the eyes I used the knife tool to cut a shape and then tried to replicate that on the other side. I think i should of made half the face then mirrored it but by this point I’d already spent long enough on the jaw and teeth
The face lacked definition so i made the eyes look more like sockets by extruding an edge
I made the crystals from cylinders that i didn’t smooth. I applied a temporary texture to these.
Arm pieces with the final textures
I also added hand pieces but not parts on the feet
Skin Texture. The one I madeĀ on photoshop didn’t have enough depth and I like the skin cell/mottled look that the leather texture has.

Renders and turnarounds in next post

1004: 2 Point Perspective

In illustration we also had to draw an organic landscape in 2 Point perspective. I found this one difficult in terms of actual design ideas and understanding how the perspective worked but after a lot of trial and error I found a design I could start working on.


I need to work on the texturing and lineweight but it’s mostly done

1003: Creature modelling update

I managed to model the body and start on the facial features. I applied a temporary skin as I find it easier to see than the grey.

I also started working on the teeth but I don’t have a screencap for that yet.

I found the model easier to make than I thought so I might go back to the design and work into it more.

1001: Coloured designed

After I added the background colours to my animation I wondered what the whole animation would look like in colour. I don’t think I have time to colour the whole piece so i coloured in my character designs instead.


I chose colours that would contrast with Elizabeth’s design and also would make each character unique.

1001: Update

I added Spanish characters in the background and spaced the lift out a bit more.

I need to fix one of the ladies in waiting hair and line up the backgrounds but they’re quick fixes. For now I really want to get the anticipation in the lift right-

1003: Frankenstein update

I spent more time on designs this week and focused on what elements were effective whilst also trying to make a more diverse range of designs that I could amalgamate into one really good design.

I looked more at doll bodies and different type of rock textured faces-

(the picture quality will be improved over break)

From these ideas and looking at online references I created four designs-

Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Design 4

They were based around the Frankenstein/Diamond/Golem/Doll idea.

I decided that design four was best so I made a colour version below-


I like the spike design and also how it’s overbalanced and has to be supported on its front hand. The design isn’t super unique but it’s what I want to move forwards with.

I started modelling parts of it. It was easier than I thought so I think I’m going t work a bump map texture into the skin and sculpt it more than the design indicates. I’ll also be able to work into the stalactite parts better and make it overall more detailed.

I also made a trial skin but as I havent made the model yet I haven’t been able to test it.


1001: More scenes added

In this post I added the hands gripping which is a scene I wanted from the start-


I was happy with the spacing of the scenes from this and decided to only neaten things up and add a title-

After playing it on youtube I have noticed a few mistakes where stuff seems to jump around or hover so I need to fix that.