1004: Finished Storyboard

Here is my final storyboard. I really like it. I think with each pass I’ve improved a lot and I used feedback well and have created a good piece.


1004: Toothless Fairy furniture

I drew detailed versions of some of the key insides for the kitchen.

I drew the hanging plants, cupboard handles and fridge magnets. I made the magnets match

I then drew the chairs and the cupboards with a few variations of what could be inside.

I decided I wanted the fridge to look old to match the rest of the house so i chose some reference pics-

I then drew the fridge and its empty internal layout-

Next I need to fix up the external shots but I’m happy with how the internal designs have gone.

1004: House designs continued

For the chicken and fox houses I finished up the exterior work I needed to do.

I trialled a few different chicken designs based on my favourite-


I then checked the silhouettes to see which one worked best-


I decided that I still liked number one so I didn’t change anything except for making the design a bit neater.

I then drew the placement of the fox and chicken house in the forest/estate. I put the fox closer into the forest so the house would look in worse shape and the stilts would make sense-


I’m going to do more angles, such as wide, from the front and eye level from the fox house.

Here is a reference page for the tire swing-

tire swing.png

1004: Chicken house designs

For designing Chickenville I looked at both Chickenville and American suburbs-

I wanted the house to look uniform and rich so the difference between it and the fox’s house would be more obvious.

I drew some sketches-


I then designed some house like chicken coops-

I then placed the two in streets-

I decided I liked the blue roof version more.

I made a mock up of the estate-


I put trees around it so Mooch could live in a muddy area and I could easily draw the chickens tire swing.

Next I need to draw the house neater, create a neater environment to place both houses in, and create a design sheet for furniture that I’m going to focus a lot on in the boards.

1004: Fox House

I decided to start designing the outside of the house for the fox.

Here are the references I looked at. i decided to go for a shack/ swamp house theme, as well as looking at cartoon houses so I could simplify it properly.

I started a lot of sketches and focused on elements and shapes I liked

I really liked the too large roofs, decking, and the house being on stilts. After drawing the brown version with the extended roof I decided to work into that one-


I picked elements from a lot of my own drawings and the references and I think it looks good. I made the upper floor really small to fit with the cobbled together look and picked lots of different colours to make it look handmade.

He lives in a decrepit area so I added the stilts so i could make the environment really muddy or on a cliff.

Breakdown of house-

I kept everything simply and made sure it wouldn’t overlap so in the storyboard there would be a clear silhouette.

Next I need to design Chickenville and the surrounding houses. At the moment I’m looking at references like this-

1004: Fox Kitchen

In Production design we need to design the kitchen and outside area for the Toothless Fairy story boards.

I wanted the kitchen to be very small as the house is described as being run down, but also farm like to tie to the nature/animal theme. Here are my reference photos-

Sketches directly from references-


After making these seven I moved to Maya to make a 3D version as it gives me more freedom to change things quickly.

I had this design in my head that I really liked, particularly the table on the wall-


I ended up with this design but it went through different alterations that I didn’t screenshot-

I tried some sketches of it-

These weren’t too good so I decided to draw each wall individually-

I also listed what was on each wall so I don’t forget anything when boarding.

I did a floor plan-

I think from this point I’m going to design the outside of the house and the surrounding area and then create fully rendered version of all the environments that will be in the final piece.


I created an internal perspective drawing-


I really like it and drawing it was very useful for understanding the space in the scene. Now i really need to create individual design sheets for the different appliances and furniture.

1004: Chicken and fox construction

In class we were told to make construction pages and turnarounds for both characters, and then put them in dynamic poses.

I made the characters in Maya to make the turnaround easier-


For the fox I wanted the body to be round to offset the long spiky limbs. I also wanted the head to be crescent shape so I ended up editing the side profile to show this. The foxes design is very stylised but I think the way I picked each element means the design doesn’t look unnatural.


I spent less time on the chicken as he is only in the final scene so the design doesn’t need to be as thought out. For this one I struggled with the head a lot so the Maya model was very helpful.

Poses- We were also set a task to draw the characters in dynamic poses.


1004: Toothless fairy chicken designs

Designs for the chicken from the “Toothless Fairy” prompt.

As before I drew an actual rooster-


Then some cartoon versions I found-


I then created four designs, trying to vary each one so i could test out different ideas-


Like with the fox I decided I liked the final design the most so i drew them together to make sure the designs looked like they could come out of the same show-


Overall I think both designs work well, they have enough anthropomorphism so the joints will move and I can show expressions, but not so much that they don’t look like the target animals.


1004: Toothless Fairy fox designs

In production design we needed to design a fox and a chicken based on a script we were given from an episode of Maurice and Mooch.

The first thing I did was sketch actual foxes and see what main characteristics they had-


I then drew well know fxes from cartoons to see how they had been anthropomorphised-


I then drew foxes from a google search of “cartoon fox” to see if any characteristics carried over-


I then made 3 of my own designs-


At the moment it’s between design 1 and 3, and after I’ve designed the chicken and received feedback I’ll pick and finalise the design.