Peasant Wedding: Finished

I finally finished the sound project!

After feedback I added more levels to the piece. With more background sounds (voice and kitchen) added it became easier to add focal points of sound and suggest the size of the room.

I also added people speaking Dutch for accuracy, more of my dog and raised the overall volume. I needed to create a crowd in the background but still ensure the room and people size was small. By raising the volume of the music it helped shrink the environment to the size reflected in the painting.

having actual Renaissance/Baroque music also really helps date the period. I made sure to include two music pieces as it not only helped establish the crowd and setting but also included even more historical context without being too obvious about it.

For a first attempt at a long sound piece I’m overall impressed by what I made. I think there were lots of ways I could’ve attempted to respond to the painting but I like the way I did.

By creating a story following the people carrying the table around the room, I was able to explore a lot of the wedding sounds in an understandable way. I managed to incorporate moving to different rooms, cheering, the start of a speech, a glass breaking, the dog, casual conversation, kitchen staff, wedding bells, applause and musicians all in two minutes.


Other blog posts about the sound hereĀ 

Audition file-


Tuesday Presentation: Work so far


More colour on the poem piece-

I have about 12 seconds mostly done in colour so I’m probably on schedule

I need to fully colour and edit a few lines

The painting-

Levels change, more front sounds and different crowd levels. I also made more of a “point of view” character for the audience to follow

I’ll probably add a few more sounds and alter the levels for it to be fully finished.

Peasant Wedding (soundtrack project)

First draft of the Peasant Wedding soundtrack done-

I based my script on the idea of following the two people with the tray through the kitchen, around the hall and back to my kitchen.

I picked the water pouring and meal plating as my main sound and sandwiched it between the rhythm of the kitchen to create a variety of room sizes.

I used recordings of my dog, clips from the BRUSH project and background noises from class as the voices, along with royalty free recordings that I will create a credits list for soon.

I ended up with a lot of tracks and clips-


But I really enjoyed editing them all together and creating my own sound room

2003: Interaction Project

Below is my final 3D animation-


There are some parts that I really like- the head turns, shot types, how I used the lights and synced the sound.

There are a few bad parts (the timing of the longest walk cycle) that are bothering me but I’m not sure if I’m over-focusing on it so I ended up not changing it after the second attempt.

I think the story works better than in the animatic and the sound has been improved as well. The relationship between the characters is clear and I think the lighting came out really well, especially as I made it in PremierePro and the gamma levels had to be 2.2 in Maya for it to render correctly.

I found the rigs really hard and had an annoying keying error with it. If I create anything in Maya again I’m going to build my own rig and not touch HumanIk.

I think the only thing I’d change would be to add a shot somewhere before the slap to pad it a little. I don’t think there’s enough of an emotional reaction but this weakness is from me forgetting to create a blend shape.

Overall it’s not as emotive or fluid as my 2D tests but I did try really hard and it’s a stronger piece than my Icarus animation which was the target I set myself. I managed to model, rig and animate 2 characters in the time scale, as well as deal with Maya breaking and having to set build and light in a completely different way to last year.
The characters are also slightly nicer to look at then my creations last year, and I really like my UV mapping.

2003: First animation trial (9 seconds)

I attempted some animation as seen below-

I’ve had a lot of issues with the rig and graph editor so I’m really only happy with about 4 seconds of it, but I think with careful editing, completing the other scenes and redoing a few scenes it might look better

I do like the lighting, models (when not moving), blend shapes and scenery

2003: Set Building and lighting setup

I built my set and trialled a few lighting set ups before eventually deciding on this version which is four ambient lights.

It has a coldĀ  night like feel to it so I’m pretty happy with it.

For the stage I built the floor and walls, lots of plant pots, book shelves, doors, windows, and a trophy.

I want to add a few family photos and maybe skirting boards next time I go back to it.

2003: Character Construction

I modelled and rigged my two characters. When designing the model reference I drew the edge flow for the faces as I found them really hard last project-

This was hard to draw but when modelling saved me a huge amount of time

I then created a full reference for both and scaled them to be the right size


I then started constructing and rigging-

Finished renders of both-


Maya crashed at this point so I’ll add more images when I’m emotionally ready

both characters are rigged so I just need to weight paint and set build and I’ll be ready to start animating

2003: Lighting set up and plant designs

I struggle with lighting in MAYA so I made a lighting map and a colour grade to help me-


I also studied the shadows so I could get the right weight for my own animation

I then overlayed the colour if the lights onto my floor and wall colours-

It was good to see what colour the animation would end up really looking like.

I also drew lots of plants so I could add some decorations to the hallway to make it seem more lived in-