Work in Progress

I’ve moved on quite a bit since my last blog update. I’ve shifted the focus of my in class time to starting the neat animation, and have been working chronologically for the first time.

It’s been fun to be able to start working on “final” animation, even though it’s annoying how long it is taking. Here’s what I have so far-

And here is it with the rest of the sketch animation-


After (mostly) fixing a cintiq issue, I’ve started to add hatch lines to some of the frames for effect. I think it’s working (along with thicker lines for some areas) so I’m going to continue doing it.

My other focus for now will be catching up with the person doing the sound for me and working on getting the last few Foley sounds that I have missed.


Eseld animation update

Another animation update.

I’ve finished 95% of the rough animation I wanted to do before starting the neat layer, added a few new backgrounds and messed with the music a bit.

My targets now are finding a good brush for the neat layer and talking to the sound student who worked on the music again (and also adding the rest of the Foley sounds). With the music I want something extra added on top to show the change in mood- maybe a series of notes played on a string instrument or something. The music piece is for a previous edit so I can’t quite make it fit all the story points anymore.