Over the past week I’ve worked on the final design.

I went through the outfits I designed a while ago and drew the character in my favourites. I then chose the one I liked best (design number one) and made a few edits until I was happy with it-

I then created a turnaround and trialled one colour range-

But looking at it I really didn’t like the belt so I redrew the turnaround without it, also lengthening the hem and making it look less like a dress-


I then tried lots of different colours-

I really liked 6-8 equally but in the end I went with 8 after a few edits. I then added texture and shaded the face-


Next move for the character is to draw expressions and finalise how I want the face to be shaded (she looks a little grey at the moment)

I will probably move back to scenery and dog design now.


Environment Design

After looking at the drawing on my previous environments post, I wanted to try and hash out a final style.

I haven’t got to that yet but I have moved in a direction I really like.

I looked at A J Casson’s work as I really like his use of colours and shapes. I replicated two of his pieces here-

The first piece was an attempt to directly copy his blending style whilst the second was much looser, using a chalk brush in Autodesk rather than the default Photoshop flat and oil brush.

I think the second is much more viable (it took 20 minutes instead of 4 hours) and is more original.

I then recreated this Alaskan mountain range (Mount McKinley Elevation) in a similar style-


I took a break from environment work to design the character,  but now she is mostly complete I think it is time to return to concept work.

Character design development

To help me develop the style for my character I picked artists I was particularly inspired by. I looked at their brush styles, colouring and how they drew features.

I studied Emily Carroll, nakedcherry John Watkiss, Zombillenium, and phobso

I collected the most relevant pieces in their style-

(John Watkiss’s work available via above link)

And then studied features, colouring style etc-

From that I studied possible eye designs-

I then chose what I thought was my favourite and started working on noses-

I realised that I was struggling to draw the eyes consistently so I instead went for a much simpler style (lower half of next image)-

features_final eyes

From that I worked on head designs before choosing a hair style and beginning to develop the body shape and proportions-

My next step will be to decide on an outfit and make a complete design sheet for her.

Year 3 research and clothing development

After changing my idea to involve an ice based tribe/country, I created several mood boards of research to make sure my work was as accurate and relevant as possible-

By mixing research on indigenous cultures with modern cold weather equipment I hope to create a fantasy world that is realistic but isn’t stealing from already existing cultures. For example I am not going to copy traditional tattoos, designs or items.

After reviewing my research I decided to focus on clothing designs for the time being. I looked at different versions of each item of clothing, drew them and listed the key features for each individual item and the item as a whole.

The next step will be to design the main characters outfit, an overall style for the group and then move on to set design.

Year 3 Actual Idea

After struggling for a while to develop my ideas I thought back to all the work I did over Summer based around an ice world. Although I no longer want to do the post apocalyptic prompt I decided to combine my two half thought out ideas in the hope of a full story emerging.



(work done over summer)

The synopsis sets my story in a fantasy world with more of mystery theme than my previous works. The main character will be the daughter of the leader of a group of people living in a place similar to the Arctic. There is a mysterious creature on the edge of their land and repeated attempts to hunt it have only led to injuries and death of the people.

Feeling guilt and responsibility she decides to go herself to hunt it down to herself. She quickly finds herself outclassed and must rely on her own skills and knowledge of the environment to survive.

On meeting the creature I am unsure if it will be a cursed person (to continue the fantasy theme), or a genuine creature. I will explore my idea more before deciding.

The piece was inspired by The Terror (2018), Annihilation (2018), and some elements of Mulan. I think my idea is now mostlybased around the love and alternative voices prompt.

Year 3 Project Basic Synopsis

For my third year project I worked through a number ideas- a frozen world, a great flood and a family through the years. After asking for a lot of advice I decided on a High Fantasy piece using the option “Sustainability” as a starting point.

I’ve explored a few ideas and below is the basic synopsis I have as of week 1-


Opening on the coronation of a new Queen- young and nervous and has risen to the throne earlier than expected due to war/death in the country. As part of the ceremony she talks to the past King/Queens and gains more confidence as she is physically crowned. The theme will be rebuilding traditions and coming to terms with new responsibility. There will be a personal test involved, probably a fight against a larger creature, with the previous rulers as guidance.


I was inspired by the RWBY white trailer, specific scenes from Voltron and Black Panther, Tegn Book (Even Mehl Amundsen) and the World of Warcraft  Battle for Azeroth Cinematic.

All these pieces have stuck with me since I first saw them and I hope my piece will have a lasting impact.


The piece will be around 3 minutes long and will focus mainly on the development of the main Queen character (I have decided from the start to have a female lead), but with enough exposition and set design to make the setting understandable. I don’t want to spend a long time giving exposition so i will rely on common tropes to establish the setting/mood.

Sustaining a culture will be the main theme instead of my previous ideas which were about sustaining the environment. I’d like to listen to and read accounts of people who have gone through similar experiences.

I’d like to challenge myself for this piece as it is the third year, but I also want to improve my animation. I will be spending a lot more time researching breakdowns, frame rate and creating motion tests than I have in previous projects.