1001: Canyon master post

All my canyon blog posts-

Initial idea Concept work and pinterest references

Concept work and visual sound score More concept art and inspiration. Also visual score

storyboards and sound timings

Animatic, new storyboard and character design Storyboard in black and white and colour

Canyon Redesign Redesign of the layout based on the limitations of my animation

New Animatic and more references Improved animatic with better faces based on feedback

Start of keying Start of actual animation and timings

More Scenery Design Background work and title page

Formative Assessment changes More changes based on feedback

Animation update More animation Animation update More colouring and face changes

Summartive Presentation

More Animation based on summative presentation

More animation
Animation with Animated rain

Soundtracks- (trial and final)-


Final Animation Post-

Final Animation


1001: Final Animation

Here is my final 2D animation for the sound project-

(please watch with good speakers/headphones to get all the sounds)

What I like-

I think the sound is really effective and matches the environment. I kept reworking the echo level and timings and I think it really flows well together.

I animated the rain about three different ways. By making it two colours and adding the splashes it helps place it in the scene better. The shadows and lighting changes also ground the place and give it depth. I used about 11 layers for this piece, which while really hard to keep track of did mean I could animate more of the background objects and have a more defined foreground and background.

I think my camera angles, backgrounds and character movement is good. I tried to vary the shot type and place character movement on an angle so nothing was too linear and boring.

I also think my character designs are pretty good. I had three reviews and after each one I was told how to improve them so by the end of the animation I finally got a consistent face and look.

What I need to improve-

In some scenes the lines jump a bit which really annoys me. Also the scene where the canyon cracks took about 10 trials as I had issues with timing and consistency.

The dog was easy to draw and animate but I had huge problems with the human character which I think shows in the animation.

Another thing that frustrated me was the fact I couldn’t export how I wanted into TVPaint so I ended up redrawing all my backgrounds using the brushes in TVPaint. I wasn’t able to get the same style as I did in the concept art so I feel like the backgrounds don’t quite have the soft style I wanted.

I also feel like I could’ve pushed things a bit more. Near the end where I move the shadow of the drill and animate the drill head is more visually interesting than a few of my longer scenes.

1001: Canyon animation post formative assessment

After the formative assessment I got told to change the characters face to something more detailed and to redraw a few scenes to be more effective. These were things I had picked up myself so I knew I had to change them.

Below is the current version-

In some version the face really works but I’m not sure in other keys. As it was before, the more colour I add the more messy my line work is revealed to be.

Apart from that, I think it’s really coming along well and should become a good piece of animation.

Here is the new character design for the human-


1001: Canyon drawings

My canyon is based on a mixture of The Grand Canyon and The Edge and Alderly Edge. I was struggling with the final few scenes of my animatic so I went back to look at references to help with the perspective of looking at the top and to have a better look at what a mining canyon would look like up close.


Images I drew from both angles-

I really like the second one and I think I should maybe change the ending of my animation to include a shot like it.