2005 Presentation

Work so far. (quick summary of each blog post and the work done in between)


I started this project with several pages of prep work  that led to the focus of the sixties suburbia look. I also was inspired heavily by Te Fiti from Moana, so I started looking into different ways to focus on how to stylise fire.

After this I worked on a script and had the basic idea to set the piece in a kitchen and have the character be performing a monologue to herself. I wanted to narrow down the look of the piece from the 15 or so artists I’d referenced so I focused on Michael Carson. I then designed the character and made a few quick scene sketches.

The next task I set myself was to narrow the script down even more and create a very basic storyboard. This was to help me establish the beats of the piece and assist in directing the voice actress.

While I waited for the voice recordings to arrive I focused on environment design.

The house is the biggest clue for the time place so I looked at a lot of references. In a review the colours were decided to be slightly too saturated but overall it is an effective design. To continue the themes of being trapped I designed the house to look like a bird cage, with the striped wallpaper and backdoor being the most obvious clues.

I then created a body design and outfits

With the character finished I slightly improved the storyboards, created an animatic and then improved the storyboards even more.

Based on reviews and improving the audio even more I then redrew a lot of the frames, altered the colours and removed a couple of scenes to make an even better animatic

This is the point I’m at now. I need to finish the colour script and create a few line tests- particularly a walk cycle and fire animations.


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