1001: Presentation

Summative Presentation for the sound project.


Visual Score-


Sound Score-

I knew I wanted to do an outdoor scene for my animation so i collected lots of different sounds like the river, cars, building sites, and furniture like cups and the shower.

From the wind in the river recording I had the idea to create a canyon soundscape so I focused on giving the sounds “height” and adding echo. I edited sounds to sound like rivers and rock fall and I think I made a good environment.



Black and white-

With Colour-


From this I could see the parts I didn’t like (the entire final sequence) and I could work back with my sound and ideas.

Concept designs- Reference pictures for mood and initial ideas- I included my dog as I wanted to have some form of vocal editing.


Animation Tests-


In each one of these I added more frames and secondary action, as well as improving character designs, story flow and anatomy. I need to rework the lighting and make some keys flow a bit smoother, but my main point will be resynching the sound so it fits back with the action.

I think my brief fits the project objectives. I made a soundscape then created an animation to it, I’ve experimented with audition via adding echo, working with EQ and changing pitch and tone. There’s a clear environment and story to the piece and I think all the sounds I’ve chosen fit, have a good rhythm and create a story without the animation.

I also think the animation itself is good as well. I tried to use different angles that we’d been taught about in critical studies, as well as adding shadows and flow to hair.

I also changed the colours to darker and the pace quicker the nearer to the drills the piece gets.


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