1003: Turnarounds

I finalised both designs for Icarus and Amphitrite and created turnarounds for them both.

Here is Icarus-


I didn’t change their design that much, I finalised the dress and changed the body shape to be slightly wider so it would be easier to model. I think the hands are a bit small so I might need to redraw that. The lines on the face are to show shape and wont be part of the texture.


With Amphitrite I still need to finalise the design so I did a sketch page-


From this i made her design more curved and changed the colours of her dress to be more complimentary.

Here is the turnaround-


I found the side profile really difficult and I’m not sure if it’s 100% perfect but I think that’s something I can correct when modelling.

I love this design, particularly the face and how I finished the veil and hat.



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