1004: Fox House

I decided to start designing the outside of the house for the fox.

Here are the references I looked at. i decided to go for a shack/ swamp house theme, as well as looking at cartoon houses so I could simplify it properly.

I started a lot of sketches and focused on elements and shapes I liked

I really liked the too large roofs, decking, and the house being on stilts. After drawing the brown version with the extended roof I decided to work into that one-


I picked elements from a lot of my own drawings and the references and I think it looks good. I made the upper floor really small to fit with the cobbled together look and picked lots of different colours to make it look handmade.

He lives in a decrepit area so I added the stilts so i could make the environment really muddy or on a cliff.

Breakdown of house-

I kept everything simply and made sure it wouldn’t overlap so in the storyboard there would be a clear silhouette.

Next I need to design Chickenville and the surrounding houses. At the moment I’m looking at references like this-


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