1004: Fox Kitchen

In Production design we need to design the kitchen and outside area for the Toothless Fairy story boards.

I wanted the kitchen to be very small as the house is described as being run down, but also farm like to tie to the nature/animal theme. Here are my reference photos-

Sketches directly from references-


After making these seven I moved to Maya to make a 3D version as it gives me more freedom to change things quickly.

I had this design in my head that I really liked, particularly the table on the wall-


I ended up with this design but it went through different alterations that I didn’t screenshot-

I tried some sketches of it-

These weren’t too good so I decided to draw each wall individually-

I also listed what was on each wall so I don’t forget anything when boarding.

I did a floor plan-

I think from this point I’m going to design the outside of the house and the surrounding area and then create fully rendered version of all the environments that will be in the final piece.


I created an internal perspective drawing-


I really like it and drawing it was very useful for understanding the space in the scene. Now i really need to create individual design sheets for the different appliances and furniture.


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