1003: VFX Multi-pass rendering

How to multi-pass

Select Arnold renderer in Maya and create polygons

Turn on resolution gate, a directional light and a skydome

Add all shapes to another layer

(insert pic)

Use IPR render to see changes

Change exposure in light to a level that suits it.

Assign material to shapes-

Assign new material- Arnold- AI Standard- specular weight and roughness

make cylinder AI Utility through same method

material attributes-overlay mode- polywire



Select all objects- new layer with objects- name ao- right click- create new material override- ai ambient inclusion- override

See it in renderview

Srgb gamma to raw

Select everything, right click new layer with selected objects- name it shadows- click on plane- new material- AI shadow catcher

Shadow catcher attributes- enable transparency

Select plane- Arnold in attributes menu- opaque off

View alpha in render view

Select objects- render stats attributes- primary visibility off

All layers-

Delete sphere layer

Save project as anew project

Render- exr- single frame- options- render all layers- keep layers



Open in NukeX

Read in objects

Make a constant as the background

Set everything up like the graph-



Image should have layers and depth. Values for all layers can be adjusted to make it blend.




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