1003: Final designs

I finalised my Icarus and Amphitrite designs-


I put Icarus in white as I want the lighting to be a key part of the animation so I needed a colour that would show the changes well.

I went with a mix of 1,4 and 8 for the final design after asking for people’s opinions.icarusfaces


With Amphitrite I payed close attention to the skin texture as she has a lot of close up shots. Her headdress is designed to be very floaty so i either need to make it an ncloth or key every frame. She also has bioluminescence inspired jewels and eyes so I need to look into how that will be modelled. I’ll probably increase the reflectivity on certain areas of her face.

These designs were finished after my final storyboard (which I still need to post) so there are some inconsistencies.

Design development for Amphitrite-


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