1001: Storybords and sound

I created simple storyboards and for each board what sounds I want to happen.

In the animatic I will improve character design and detail level but for now I just want a coherent story idea written down.

Board one-

board1p1 1, 2,3- wind, ambient canyon echo, background birds

4- change in frequency to show change in environment, more echo

5,6- more unique bird calls, barking

7,8,9- barks and gravel

10,11,12- canyon noises (birds, wind, rain)


13- same as previous

14,15,16- water increasing volume

17- gravel and continued rain

18,19- rain quieter, more echo, drips ect

20,21,22,23,24- gravel, drill increase, rumbles


25,26,27,28,29,30- gravel, drill increase, rumbles, illusion of large space.


Everything needs a bit of work but I’m on track to start the animatic and a polished soundscape.


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