1003: VFX Animating in Nuke

In VFX we animated in Nuke. In the piece we composited a picture of a UFO into a scrolling image of mars-


Create the assets in photoshop- add an alpha channel to the UFO and paint on the part you want to keep. Export the file as a TIFF.

Change the scene preference to 1080

Place a checkerboard as the background

-COLOUR TAB- saturate to black and white, change black and white points to give it the contrast old film has.

MERGE to checkerboard

Scale up or down via TRANSFORM

Set keys and drag along

Dope sheet and graph editor-

MERGE in saucer

Set KEYS (linear and rotation)

Timeline and setup-


Apply shadow through RADIAL node

Copy link from transform 2 (UFO) paste in X value only- shadow is now tied to the ufo

Add motion blur in TRANSFORM node

TRANSFORM tab- camera shake

CREATE- grain





WRITE node- name file, find place for it- file type – 24fps- global- EXPORT

Finished version- compressed first


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