1004: Lighting

In production design we learnt about lighting in storyboards. The first task was to reproduce the lighting of a shot in only 3 tones-

(click through)

We then were given a blank sketch and had to create 3 unique lighting set ups for it-

I really enjoyed this one.

The final task was to create 3 images on the themes of “Picnic”, “Journey”, and “Giving a gift. The pieces had to have two characters.

Here are the reference images I used-

Giving a Gift


For this one I wanted to work with backlighting and highlighting a character who has completly in the dark.



I wanted the lighting to be broken up so the first idea I had for this piece was the light through the trees. i also really wanted to draw a dog.

Going on a Journey


I’d seen a youtube video of a dog driving a car so that formed the basis of this idea. Originally I struggled with placing characters in an environment so i then thought about putting them in a vehicle. I decided on a plane as I could show the place they were travelling to in the distance.


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