1003: Design update

Amphitrite design evolution-

The design turned more controlled the more I worked into it. It also became more influenced by Pakistani/Muslim fashion as this clothing flows a lot and I want Amphitrite to be waterlike when moving. I also had issues when practice modelling the original purple design which is why I changed it into a hat with an attached veil. These two images are my final designs at the moment-

And I need to create a design sheet for the design but I’ve worked into a lot so I’m going to move onto other areas of pre-production.

Modelling practice that I had issues with-

In the review last week it was mentioned I could use coloured light to show the descent into the sea and how much murkier it becomes as Icarus realizes they’re not safe.

I created a quick gradient of how I wanted the colours to be and how the creatures get less cute as Icarus gets lower-


I also created a quick sketch of the temporary Icarus design I’m using in my storyboards.


I’m also halfway through improving the storyboards by adding more frames to show the animation and story progression, as well as tightening the story and making it simpler to animate.


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