1003: VFX Tracking

In todays VFX lesson we learnt how to use corner pins to track a part of an image and replace it with something else.


-Read in both files

We had a jpeg sequence of a laptop for the base and I chose a piglet for the background-

Create a tracker node and add to a corner. then go through every 20 frames and move the box to make sure it’s hitting the same spot throughout the sequence

Key track all

Use the traffic light button to see any errors

Corner trackers on the right and key frames along the top. The pathways are the red lines and the error colours can be seen in the top left

For one part of the sequence the hand block the corner so for that create two frames in between the instance and use the key_track_current button on the top.

When exporting a baked version will not change if the key frames do whilst an expression will.

To export-

Select all the tacks-> cornerpins2D

To add background use this graph set up-




I also made another version to make sure I was caught up on how to merge-






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