1003: Character designs

I took a break from storyboarding and thought about my actual character designs. i wanted to start again with my Amphitrite pieces so I looked at hijab fashion for reference as I know I want the character to have a sculpted headpiece and flowing clothes.

Reference images-

This is the current outfit design I like the most-


Inks- (with one Icarus)


I really didn’t like the bottom left one so when I transferred to digital I didn’t redraw it.

Normal colours and glow in the dark sea version-

I think I’m going to work into the top 3 designs more.

Icarus ideas

I also drew 8 different Icarus faces so I could see how I wanted him to look at get him to look as unique as I can-


I like 1,2,4 and 8 at the moment but I might leave these designs for now and see what i feel about them in a bit.


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