1001: Graphic Soundscape

In the lesson we looked at graphic soundscapes and then were told to look at starting to design our own. From the different types we looked at (grids, spheres, shapes) the 3D grid style was the type I liked the most.

I am using a canyon for the basis of my sound and in making the soundscape I imagined it as a cube that I would place myself  in the centre off and draw in where I wanted the sounds to “hit” from this.


The yellow triangles are the bird sounds which I wanted to sound very high up and change in height. The triangle represents this and also the change in volume.

The blue and red marks are footstep/crunch sounds I’ve made to create a tempo. In the centre it changes to splashing so i changed the colour to show that.

The purple is some sort of one off loud sound. At the moment I’m using a drill but that might change. I wanted something to break up the start.

The blurry blue is the rain and wind in the background, and the shiny base represents the echo I gave the sounds.


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