1003: Rough plot ideas

In 3D animation we were set the task to create a 30 second animation based on Icarus after he fell.

I started off by drawing the sun based on images from Jean Paul Gautier’s catwalk as I really liked the style and thought it would influence how my ideas progressed.


I then remembered that helios in Greek myths was male so when I was digitally painting the image I changed the design to look more male.


From these two designs I was starting to get a few ideas of what i wanted the ;lot and style to be like. I also remembered I have to model the designs i make so I looked at Greek pottery designs and simplified my sun design-

I then had a really rough story board idea-


Which I then created a neater version of-


My basic idea is to feature Icarus meeting Amphitrite, the personification of seawater, her seal and dolphin children and him eventually drowning.

This is only my very first look but I like the swimming and pottery ideas the most so far.


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