1003: Frankenstein renders and turnaround


I rendered out my Frankenstein model with three different lighting styles- a spotlight only, an ambient light and spotlight and a directional light only.


Above shot. I really like how the skin texture looks from this angle
From the back with a spotlight only. From this angle I think that maybe I should of worked into the head more but I don’t know how that would fit with the rest of the design.


Close up on the cluster. I really like how these turned out
In this lighting the shadows under the eyes really stand out and make it look more scary. I also like how it shades the lower stomach and legs.
View from the back. I made the rocks glow
face with a brighter light. The eye shape and texture can be seen well here. Also how I made the texture distort to look like cracks (right eye)
Face and arms in brighter light. More texture distortion
Body in a brighter light to show shape. i prefer the darker versions as they fit with the character more
Darker version,. it has a good amount of highlights and shows the glow of the rock parts well.
Teeth close-up


More teeth. I was considering dding a nose but from this angle it looks really creepy and more skull like so I decided against
In the other lighting the teeth are very reflective and it makes them look like they’re made of glass.


It turned out a bit darker than the preview suggested but I think it fits the style of Frankenstein. Overall I really like the design and model. I need to do a post of all my sketchbook designs and I also think I’ll pose the model like the orignal sketch.


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