1003: Frankenstein update

I spent more time on designs this week and focused on what elements were effective whilst also trying to make a more diverse range of designs that I could amalgamate into one really good design.

I looked more at doll bodies and different type of rock textured faces-

(the picture quality will be improved over break)

From these ideas and looking at online references I created four designs-

Design 1
Design 2
Design 3
Design 4

They were based around the Frankenstein/Diamond/Golem/Doll idea.

I decided that design four was best so I made a colour version below-


I like the spike design and also how it’s overbalanced and has to be supported on its front hand. The design isn’t super unique but it’s what I want to move forwards with.

I started modelling parts of it. It was easier than I thought so I think I’m going t work a bump map texture into the skin and sculpt it more than the design indicates. I’ll also be able to work into the stalactite parts better and make it overall more detailed.

I also made a trial skin but as I havent made the model yet I haven’t been able to test it.



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