1004: One point perspective scenes

In illustration we learnt about one and two point perspective and how to create perspective lines on photoshop

The first exercise was with cubes-


Then we were set the task of creating a forest scene and street scene in one point perspective.

Street Scene

I’ve found scenes like this really hard to create so i referenced this piece very heavily-

Here’s my rough line art-


and then the final shaded version-


There’s also a gif of my progress-


Forest Scene

For this piece I wanted the themes of water and supernatural. I decided to make a willow forest and include chess and castle elements. Below are my first sketches and references-

Here’s my first sketch


When I neatened it up I changed quite a bit of the layout to make it flow better


I then realised the scene looked very dark overall so I added a night sky


And then the moon


Here’s the gif of how it came together-



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