1001: Storyboard

Below are the storyboard pages I made for the Olympics animation-

At the moment the images are just photos but I will include scanned versions shortly.

I first drew scenes I knew I wanted to include on post-it notes and moved them around for timing and plot pacing. I filled in the gaps with other ideas, but because I’d used post-it notes I was able to very quickly see and change my ideas. I ended up with about four different versions- some of the examples having a bigger Spanish influence and some only having Elizabeth as the character. I decided however that I needed to focus on the fact it was an Olympic themed brief so I ended up with the board below.

boards 1-6. I made sure to have a wide shot first and include a close up and how the action moves
boards 7-12. I included the key frames for the lift and how I wanted the body bend
boards 13-14 and a remake of number 6 as i thought it was too similar to 13. I included a wide shot at the end as a way to make it clear the piece had finished.

I drew these on TVPaint and made it my line test, with extra frames on the lift added-

I included backgrounds in my storyboard but not in the line test.

After drawing this and the neat version I realised I didn’t like the final frame and created a few different versions of it-

I eventually settled on a low angle shot with flags waving which can be seen at the end of this version-

But even in this version I can tell I need to include more shots to give the story a smoother flow.

Also as part of my developmental work I did a few pages of squash and stretch with a lift motion-


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