1001: Character style

Breakdown of the characters look for the Olympic Project

For this project I spent a lot of time on character design

I looked at portraits, film depictions and comic versions-

Although I started with a more realistic design based on my reference images-


I realised it wasn’t going to be as interesting to look at or easy to distort the features of it if I kept it realistic.

I then stretch the face as much as I could by drawing a range of expressions-


And from that designed different faces and eventually choosing the one I like the most-


From looking at the facial structure and the previous body type I’d made I constructed a final body design for Queen Elizabeth-


The features and proportions aren’t realistic for real life but they’re scaled to the character

When designing the background characters I made Elizabeth slightly more deformed as she is the main feature, but the others have the thin necks and arms that she does-


It was fun to design three characters that had most of their faces covered but still needed to be distinct and unique.

I didn’t end up using the Duke character but it was still interesting to develop his design.

I made sure the faces and bodies were stretchy enough that I could distort the movement and expressions in a way that would be funny and also not be obvious that the limbs shouldn’t bend in that way. I also made sure that the face design wasn’t too cluttered so expressions would show in more zoomed out shots-


Stretchiness of the face

Facial design and boy movement

Expressions in a zoomed out shot. Also shows how i had to bend the limbs in inbetweens due to the floppy design of the arms

Here is the first fully animated version-

I’m missing two scenes- a better introduction and Elizabeth’s hands gripping the bar in between her smiling at the ladies in waiting and lifting the weight



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