1003: Rendered building shot

In week 10 I also managed to finish the building. From my last update I created a textured ground and sky using the crater and fractal patterns, as well as editing the colours of the textures and duplicating the buildings.

I actually managed to construct the scene very quickly. I ended up having a lot of problems with lighting as as the image is a painting it doesn’t really follow real world physics in terms of perspective and lighting. I also had problems with my render settings rendering out raw images instead of colour managed which led to me wasting about 3 hours on re-texturing and lighting colours before the solution to the problem was found-

All the raw renders i made. I also had the same problems with my still life but luckily I was further behind with that one so it didn’t waste as much time as it did on this project.

Below are my renders along with a comparison with the original painting. Due to the fact the shapes were so simple and the buildings repeated themselves I had problems coming up with different angles to render from.

From reverse angle


Internal view. The texture of the glass is one of my favourite parts.
Shot from below. I recreated the dramatic shadows in the original by placing semi transparent planes in from of the area lights. I think the sky textures effectiveness really shows in this shot.
Shot from behind. I struggled with this on due to the fact I was running out of angles and needed to somehow create a horizon.
Shot from above

In the image below the design stages can be seen-

Looking at the images above I’m really impressed with how the final piece turned out. I originally chose the building because I thought it looked very simple, but with the difficulties I had with edges disappearing and finding angles to render I think I could of chosen a different building and managed it successfully knowing how much I improved during this project.

I’m very happy with this project.


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