1003: Completed Still Life

I managed to fully model the still life and light it by the end of week 10.

Below is the finished piece without textures-

2016-12-10 (4).png

I’m really happy with how everything has turned out. I feel like I’ve improved a lot as the things I was struggling with around week 8 (rendering and UV maps) suddenly have become a lot easier for me by week 10.

In my original lighting setup I was using an area light but it produced grainy renders and was difficult to make minor adjustments. I decided to switch to three spotlights instead.

This was my first rendering attempt with the area light and the main issue I had was the lack of shadow and depth. It produced the colours I wanted but looked washed out and flat.

I created the shadows I wanted with the render below-

And I was ready for this to be my finished piece but I realised the cloth was far too dark and wasn’t letting any light bounce off it. I changed the material of the cloth into a blinn and made it paler and more reflective. Below are my finished renders-

Front from the left
front from the right


I made the back labels for the wine on Paint. The other labels were taken from the internet and the becks neck was a foil texture. I’m really impressed with the grape texture in this shot.
I think this shot shows how difficult I found the peppers. I did manage to get the texture really accurate.
From the front its still a little flat but it’s much better than it was before.
Focus on the grapes and melon and bowl
Apple and lemon bowl. For some reason the orange bump map didn’t translate very well but that could be the colours I used
The Roman helmet is my favourite model so I made sure to include a close up. I’m especially proud of the decorative parts of it I modelled. Also in this shot it’s clear that the new texture for the jar is much better than the previous one. The wine bottle labels and cloth texture also look good in this shot
Shot from above

My lighting setup was three spotlights at different angles and intensities.

Some more edits I’ve made since the last update are enlarging the fruit, retexturing the jar with a more purple and brown 2D texture and adding stalks to the grapes.

I also created the wall, skirting board and floor. I added an angle to the wall and floor so in different views the image has a background.

I also adjusted everything so the shaped weren’t hovering or clipping each other which took a lot longer than I thought. I also had to re-render a lot as I kept missing clippings, particularly in the oranges which clipped differently in the perspective view to the render view.

Here is the wireframe of the finished piece-


When smoothing I accidentally added too many edges so it ended up being a very busy wireframe. Two of my lights can also be seen in this shot. The third light is another spotlight directly above.

I’m really happy with this, particularly the overall colours, the wine textures and the lighting. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot and created a very solid piece of work


After the final formative review I was told the scaling of the grapes and bananas was wrong and I also noticed some clipping in the pears. I then rescaled and moved some objects and the new renders are below.- (click to view fullsize)


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