1003: Still Life 90% complete

In week 9 I decided to try and get as much of the still life done as possible.

It was in this week that I started looking at more complex textures, such as mesh splitting like with the melon and wine bottles. I also started attempting to add images to the UV maps.

The image below shows some examples of split meshes.


These images show my experimentation with different types of textures, inserting images and how I eventually made the cloth.

By placing all the models together I could scale things more accurately and work on the textures more. I didn’t realise how large the model was overall so I had to change the scale of the grapes and helmets a lot when I exported them.


The cloth needs a bit more work and I need to position everything again and texture the grapes and bottles but for week 9 I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made.

In week 10 I definitely want to get started on lighting and becoming more confident with the render engines.



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