1003: Modelling


I modelled the helmet out of a sphere for the main part and extruded faces and edges to create details. I made the ear parts of of cylinders and the buttons and hinge from cylinders. The neck covering was an extruded edge and the gold squares were from cubes.

I used the chrome texture as I needed to make it reflective.


I made the table so I could start to scale and arrange my shapes-

I added a blinn to it and changed the colour and reflectivity until it matched the actual table.

I then started on the cloth-

This was only the first attempt and it needs a lot of improvement.


I started texturing and preparing the composition. I also started looking at lighting but I’m not sure if my textures at the moment are too dark so I decided to perfect those first.

First texture


Better attempt-

Textures after I’d edited them and looked closer at the actual grain of the building. This also shows the texture map of the pipes

Posing and positioning to make sure I get the same angles from the painting.


Spotlight on the back
spotlight on the side


After my golem work and week 7 review I decided to go back to concept designing instead of final designs.

I’ve decided that the creature will look like it’s made of clay or rock and instead of decomposition or fungi will be shattered and have stalactites growing out of it.



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