1003: Frankenstein

I created a rendered design and turnaround for my new Frankenstein design.

In my previous 1003 post I mentioned creating a character that looked shattered and had mineral deposits growing out of it. I also wanted to use the thin and stretched body shape I liked, along with the head shape from Frankenweenie.

Here is the coloured version below-


I decided to make the skin a mixture of brown and purple to make it look like old clay, along with having darker brown near the stalactites.

I made them blue and yellow as it stood out more against the skin and is also the colour I’m best at drawing the illusion of light with.

I matched the facial features to the golems I’ve seen online, as well as giving it the belt and words I’ve seen all the statues have.

Here is the turnaround with and without the crystal structures-

In an analytical sense Frankenstein’s story is a story of a golem as he is bought to life out of materials and given tasks, but I’ve tied this design to golems even more by having the word on his forehead. In Jewish folklore the golem stops working if the word is erased, but by only having it half gone ties to the imagery of Frankenstein not working and decaying.

I haven’t decided on posture yet as these images were for the physical design only.


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