1001: Background Characters

After being properly set the task today I decided to move away from the design of Queen Elizabeth and look into other characters.

In a review it was mentioned I could look into historical context and I decided to add elements of the Spanish Armada.

Below is a sketch page where I focused designs for the Ladies in Waiting and the Duke of Medina-


I referenced the below images when creating the work-

I wanted to add humour to it so I drew the Duke in board shorts and the Ladies as secret service style body guards.

I then created a really rough comparison/ reference chart


In class discussions it was also mentioned that the recreation of the sport didn’t have to be a complete adaptation of the way it’s seen on TV so I thought I could make the character lift something other than a dumbbell.

I found this image of a character lifting another-


And my first thought was to have Elizabeth lift one of her ladies in waiting-


But then I thought I could visualize the Spanish defeat and have her lift the Duke-


These are all still random ideas as I need to script and storyboard the piece, but while I don’t have a structure to stick to I’m able to come up with a wide range of ideas.


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