1003: VFX Green Screens

For week sevens VFX lesson we looked at mattes and green screens in NukeX.


As the Node Graph below shows, this weeks task involved more edits and techniques than the composite.

The Roto tool is used to cut where the green screen is and select the colour to remove

The Keylight is the part of the program that layers everything together and creates the image. The different arrows correspond to different layers and it was interesting to learn through trial and error how they stack the image.


The first composite we made in class was part of a scene from The Martian that we added a picture Mars as the background-


Here’s the finished composite-


It’s not completely perfect as there are lots of black areas and the lighting is wrong but it shows the technique well.

Below is my own attempt based on a screen shot from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Here is the composite-


The natural grey lighting of the road picture removed the blue overlay from the BvS image which helped blend the images better. I was really lucky with the picture I chose as the background as it blends really well and has the same perspective lines as the foreground.

I really like this composite


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