1001:Final head turn

I created another head turn and I think I finally have the timing right. I put a pause in between the end movements and corrected some of the frames near the start that distorted the face.




In a review I was told there wasn’t a good enough arc so I edited it again by squashin the top of the head-


In this TVPaint screenshot the arc is a bit clearer-


I probably shout of exaggerated it a bit more but I found it hard to hold the shape and keep a steady movement if I drew too far away from the previous frame.

I then moved the facial features a bit more t0 smooth out the animation-


I think this makes the arc a bit easier to see. I have a good exaggeration of the face at the end which I think helps the arc. This isn’t my strongest piece but I do now understand the theory of how the head turn works.



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