1001: Weight

This weeks task was animating different weights in objects. The three objects were a rock, a feather and a pencil.

We had to think about the amount of frames we used and how we used breakdowns and keys.


This is my sketch layer showing the motion of the objects (in green), the frame numbers and other notes I thought it was useful for me to make a record of.

Below is one of my timing charts and the key frames for the animations-


These are all the pieces together, I’ll break them down individually below-


I ended using 8 layers to create this. I like how the objects have more realism because they’re all in the same frame.

I used different breakdown techniques and frame numbers for each one so it was a good exercise.

Feather- 176 frames


Rock- 14 frames

I found the rock really hard to do as you had to think about frame breakdown, weight and timing in an animation when the object was only moving downwards.

This is the version I attempted and the one below is with a timing chart I received help with-

Small Rock- 26 frames


It doesn’t carry the weight as much but it is a smoother motion. I decided to included it in the animation as a sort of middle ground to give more context to the other weights.


Pencil- 33 frames


I really enjoyed this animation and I think the fact it’s rectangle and I could spin it helped me understand how to break it down. I also thing bouncing it off the floor and rolling it helped with realism.



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