1002: Sound

For sound analysis I decided to feature a scene from Jos Whedon’s 2012 film The Avengers. The particular scene is the introduction of Tom Hiddleston’s character Loki and is embedded below-

The music is diegetic as the source is shown in the scene- the characters interact with it and the orchestra playing it is featured. However the scene uses the particular music piece and the echoes of the set in a way that changes how the music and scene interact.

The piece the band is playing is from Der Ring des Nibelungen and is the leitmotif of the character of Loge who was heavily based around and inspired by Loki.. This choice leans on the fourth wall of the film and creates an almost theatrical tone to the scene with how the music introduces the character.

This scene is an interesting example of how sound can form narration to the scene, in the opera the leitmotif plays whenever Loge enters the scene, and in the film it’s doing the same. It’s almost as if the sound is non-diegetic and is narrating the scene.

The music isn’t kept at a steady volume, it instead plays at the volume Loki would hear it and the volume changes in each frame in relation to the height of the ceiling or placement of the POV character. This not only used to immerse the audience in the scene but also highlights how Loki is the focus of the sound, as as well the frames the music is also centred around him.

It helps create a tense feeling and I think it was an interesting way to involve music in a film series that’s noticeable for it’s lack of musical identity.



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