1003: week by week

Here’s a breakdown of everything I’ve done for the three projects so far


for the painting project I chose this building


The first thing I did was draw the lines on so I could understand it as a 3D shape


I also recreated it in floor planner

This helped me visualise all the angles and will help me keep the shape when I make it in Maya.

I also did a lot of sketchbook pages with different side views and breakdowns of the shapes.

I then built it up in Maya.

My first attempt used different pieces grouped together-

I didn’t really like this version and realised I should make the shape as simple as possible and start with a cube and build from there

This one started better but I decided to build up from one cube as the render engine I was going to use doesn’t automatically smooth everything.

Start of the modelling. I used the vertexes a lot to create the triangle front.

I then extruded in the windows-

I’m going to work into the pipe design and the hexagon parts next.


The first thing I did was take a lot of photos of the still life-

I used photos from different angles so I can see what size the pieces are in relation to each other and how they interact with each other.

I marked off everything in the image-

And created a series of sketchbook drawings so I could understand the shapes better-

I then started modelling the fruit and other items week by week-

I started with the fruit first-


I thought they were good enough but when I left them for a week I realised they were too spherical so I worked into making them squarer and less perfect-


I then moved onto the bottles and part of the jar-

The one of the antlers and the bowls

So far all I need to model is the rest of the jar, the helmet, the grapes and one of the antlers.


I decided on Frankenstein for the monster project

I did several sketchbook pages-

Before deciding to simplify the shape down even more based on golems-


I then drew the golem designs in Photoshop-


I also looked a design idea of the creature being very thin and out of proportion but I decided I didn’t like it.


I then worked into the Golem design more and created a colour version-


I haven’t modelled for this one yet as I’m still working on the design but I like the work so far.


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