1001: head turn



In 2D animation we were looking at the twelve principles of animation-

♡Squash and Stretch
♡Straight Ahead Action and Pose to Pose
♡Follow Through and Overlapping Action

♡Slow In and Slow Out
♡Secondary Action
♡Solid drawing


The weekly task was to animate a head turn and to try and incorporate the 12 principles.

I particularly focused on slow in/out, arcs, and squash and stretch.

Here’s my first attempt


It’s a bit too fast as it exported at 24 frames instead of 12, and the squash and stretch doesn’t really work.

I neatened it up again-


It still wasn’t perfect so I slowed it down, added more frames and tried to make the jaw line more consistent-


I changed the squash part in the centre to a sphere instead of having puffy cheeks.

I think it works in some parts like the speed and overall arc but the lines still need cleaning up. I think once I sort out the squash in the middle and the jaw line it should be more effective.





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